Post-Brexit UK: Trade Dispute Resolution - Crisis Simulation
London, UK

Course Overview

Trade Disputes are more than likely to be a continuous issue post-Brexit, with a widely predicted conflict between the UK government and private European or transnational companies operating in the UK. As such, now more than ever crisis resolution mechanisms are a key skill to master.

This brand-new course offers delegates the opportunity to take part in an interactive crisis simulation relating to trade post-Brexit. They will be equipped with theories on trade and trade dispute, negotiation, mediation and dialogue. Once the theory has been covered, the delegates will take part in a two-day crisis simulation where trainers and ICPS team will present delegates with a series of situations and scenario resembling real-life crises that a government or private companies would face after Brexit or as a direct result of Brexit. They would then try to find the best methods to resolve such crises. Each delegate or delegation will represent either a company, a government department or a European institution.

At the end of this new kind of Crisis Simulation, delegates should be able to deal more serenely with crisis arising in their workspace, they will have applied the theory to real-life situations and will be able to develop solutions that can be tailored to their organisation structure.

This course will allow delegates to develop skills in:

  • Mediation
  • Trade Theory
  • Management & Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Public speaking

ICPS trainers and speakers, with many years of experience in the UK and abroad, will help delegates form a clear understanding of what future holds, for the both the EU and UK in the Trade and Investment sector.

How You Will Benefit

  • The opportunity to gain a recognised first-hand professional skills 
  • Hear the latest insights, research and developments in Trade Dispute post-brexit from leading experts
  • Network and share ideas with colleagues from around the world
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge in mediation, negotiations and policy
  • Be part of one of a kind interactive simulation